Soil Ninja, fern 5L


This is a highly nutritious and well-draining mixture. Given that Fern have very primitive, hair-thin roots, sand is a very important component in creating micro-passages for the roots to crawl through. Alongside this, the doubled amount of worm castings with a high Coco coir portion means this mix is fertile and moisture retentive. The sand creates tiny pockets of air for the roots as well as superior drainage, while the Perlite scatters larger air chambers throughout the pot. The Zeolite present in the mix will also  hold a lot of the nutrients when watering, allowing the roots to feed for longer.

What Ferns want from their soil mix:
Although there are a variety of Ferns found in the household this mix suits the majority of them nicely. What ferns ultimately want is moisture and fertility. However it is also important to remember the fine structure of ferns roots. It’s important that the soil is as loose as possible (which is why we add sand)

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