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Liquid Gold Leaf 500ml


Liquid Gold Leaf is a revolutionary and innovative houseplant liquid fertiliser. Manufactured in the UK using high quality ingredients, this fully soluble fertiliser contains all essential plant nutrients including calcium which is necessary for promoting strong, healthy growth in your plants. It provides your plant with optimum nutrition, stimulating it’s self defence mechanisms and reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

Liquid Gold Leaf Indoors is easy to use and the instructions are simple to follow. We truly believe this is a fantastic product! Here at Soil Ninja we have used it in our personal plant collections for some time now and had brilliant results. 

Application Rates:

• Compost based Substrates 2ml Per Litre, weekly.
• Hydroponics 0.5ml Per Litre
• Propagation 0.5ml Per Litre
• Foliar Spray 0.5ml Per Litre

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